2016-09-18 (Su) Clockwork Theremin

A model was designed which would flush mount the common ultrasonic distance sensor HC-SR04. This sensor has been used in previous projects such as the Cyborg Distance Sensor and subsequent distance sensors. The model used the previously tested footprint but that was also edited. Previously, the model would always include a cutout for the crystal, the elongated circle, but this was moved to a variable which will ignore the crystal if set high. By requiring the variable to be set high this ensure that any previously written code will not falter by using the updated model.

The second advantage to being able to toggle the crystal cutout was that the surface plate, the flat cube, could be given transducer holes with the same footprint. The ultrasonic screw holes, the holes in the cylinders, were already able to be toggled in the code.

It can't be seen in the model below but the large holes in the cylinder go all the way through and allow the sensors to be exposed but the transducers are flush with the surface. This was done to reduce damage when other people are allow to play with the Clockwork Theremin.

Rotating view of model

Parts list:

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