2016-09-19 (M) Clockwork Theremin

A different jigsaw was used which didn't cause debilitating hand cramping. The last time gears were cut by hand 72 teeth were cut and hand fatigue persisted for hours. This time 167 teeth were cut, with the same blade, and there was minimal hand fatigue. The difference was a saw which required a momentary switch to be held compared to a sliding switch which maintained contact.

Gears and 167 teeth

Considerable scrap was generated during the process. Large pieces of plastic were saved if they could be made into small gears but a lot was thrown away if it was damaged or small. The repeated tooth cutting left a lot of plastic tabs strewn on the floor below the cutting area.

Below the cutting area after cutting gears

A special tool was made to aid in the tooth sanding. This device was modeled like a handsaw, with a large handle, and a cutting edge at the bottom, or top depending on orientation. Just like the blank wooden slate used earlier this has a 1/2" (12mm) piece of wood with sandpaper clamped to the side. Adding a handle should reduce hand fatigue. Scrap wood chosen for this tool was 1/4" (6mm) thick so it had to be doubled up, but only one side was doubled so the remaining side could become a thinner sanding tool for more precise work. The wood was glued together and clamped to dry.

Tooth sanding tool

Parts list:

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