2016-09-21 (W) Clockwork Theremin

H-Bridges have never been used in any project on this site but their concept was clearly explained and they are a logically designed tool. A small one was attached to a small 3.3V motor and an Arduino UNO. An Arduino Micro Pro was selected for this project but the UNO is notoriously simple to connect and the model on hand already had header terminals attached so no soldering was necessary.

Motor - H-Bridge - UNO

Programming was not difficult. A PWM signal was applied to one pin or the other and the motor ran one direction or another at the desired speed. The gearing scheme was too much for the small motor to handle and the tolerances of the gears were insufficient for appreciable movement. A video was taken showing a gear glued to the motor axle and turning another gear mounted with a sewing pin.

The program activates the gear at maximum power in order to overcome inertia then ramps the speed (duty cycle) down to slow the motor. Code is freely available through codebender.cc

Parts list:

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