2016-10-02 (Su) Clockwork Theremin

Work on the user's control enclosure was started days ago when two pieces of 3/4" (20mm) thick MDF was cut into two identical pieces and shaped with a sander.

These pieces were temporarily fastened together with 2" (50mm) bolts and coupling nuts. They would have been permanently attached but no finishing washers had been purchased yet. The bolts were held to the panels with finger-tightened nuts.

Panels fastened together

Close up of the coupling nuts holding the bolts

Plastic panels were cut on a table saw so their width would be universal to match the user enclosure. They were cut so they would cover the entire top of the user enclosure. Three strips were cut from the plastic sheet stock. Each strip was approximately 4" (100mm) wide.

Three plastic strips 4" (100mm) wide

Each portion of the enclosure was meant to have a different sized piece. Those pieces were described on the layout drawing but it was simple to sketch a cut line on each piece of plastic and cut it to length. This was done in a particular order to minimize visible seams. The order and each piece has been shown below in order. One piece was conspicuously missing, it was the piece which sits at an angle. This piece wad modeled and printed previously and feature the S symbol.

Left end piece
Top center piece
Right end piece
Top right and top left pieces

All the face pieces were put back in storage lying flat in order of size. A pencil was used to lightly sketch their names although it should be easy to reassemble them later. These panels will likely be held in place with #8 screws and finishing washers.

Face panels

Parts list:

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