2016-10-05 (W) Power Drill to Belt Sander Conversion

A couple variables in the code were guesses so real world parts had to be measured. The two items in question were the thickness of 5/16" lock nut, which should be similar enough to an 8mm lock nut. If those fail it would be possible to use a low-clearance nut like those used on skateboards. Those nuts may also be fine threads so it would be important to make sure everything fits to go that route.

The other variable was the diameter of the driver used to tighten the nuts. It will be necessary to insert the nut driver into the drive pulleys so clearance will be vital.

Measuring a lock nut

One half of the parts were printed in black ABS. The parts were arranged to use the least amount of support material to conserve plastic. After printing it became apparent this would mean that the pulleys could have residual plastic on the tube where the bearing should rest. Printer tolerances made it impossible to fit a bearing (608ZZ) into the socket meant for it.

Half of the printed parts

A measurement was taken of the bearing socket. It was supposed to be 22mm in diameter but it only measured 21.4mm. The next model will expand the radius to accommodate for the tolerances in the printer.

Measuring for printer discrepancy


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