2016-10-16 (Su) Clockwork Theremin

Two weeks ago, work on the Clockwork Theremin stopped so a belt sander could be built. The purpose of the belt sander was to save time on sanding and create a new project with general appeal. Well, it didn't move up the completion date of the Clockwork Theremin but holy buckets did it save time sanding.

Enough background.

A procedure was established for sanding all the similar facing sides of the teeth so a routine could be established and the same cut could be made repeatedly. This procedure worked for gears of all sizes.

 Dust left by gray plastic gears

In one day, all but the two largest half-gears were sanded. It will probably take another day to sand the half-gears and add some finishing touches. Sanding these gears would have taken at least two days and several pieces of abrasive paper. More importantly, the sanding would have been tedious and a serious deterrent to completing the necessary work. Not to mention serious muscle strain.

Plastic and fiber dust under the sander

The gears were brushed off and stacked. Plastic and fiber gears were both sanded. One courteous member at the hack space was kind enough to give me a dust mask to protect from airborne particulates in the plastic and fiberboard.

Stack of sanded gears

Parts list:

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2016-10-16 (Su)