2016-10-28 (Th) Clockwork Theremin

The two largest gears of this project will be responsible for turning the small potentiometers which control the sine wave generator. This amount of torque is overkill. The rod supporting the largest gear, and all the gears, is 5/16” (8mm). Coupling this rod to a potentiometer knob is not commonly done so an adapter will be made. The shaft coupling will simply be a small length of stiff hose. This hose should slip over the two shafts to couple them and still allow for some leniency with regards to alignment and distance.

It will be necessary to keep the shafts aligned as well as possible while keeping the potentiometer base from rotating. A model was made in two parts. The first part was meant to clamp around the bearing holder and the second part was meant to be suspended below it and keep the potentiometer steady. The part meant to clamp to the bearing holder has a hole in the side for a set screw.

Rotating view of model

Parts list:

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