2016-10-30 (Su) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone BONUS CONTENT


Editing was a special trick this time. Three different sessions were recorded and two of them were scripted. Tim and I don't like to read from scripts. Our intro and outro have been scripted but it's all right if they sound a little wooden.

Today was an exception because we went for fiction. You'll see what I mean. We did a mock interview with an unusual guest. Tim used a voice modulator to portray the visitor. He and I had been talking about this interview for a long time and Halloween, a day for costumes, seemed like a good time to include this.

We each wrote a script. I wrote mine first but it wasn't quite what Tim had in mind so he wrote his own version. We put Tim's in the show but they were both fun so we put mine at the end of the regular show.

Check it out on the Show page!

I'm a cyborg 364 days a year. Not Halloween though, then I'm a sexy nurse

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