2016-11-02 (W) Clockwork Theremin

Each gear must be a particular distance from its mating gears. To find this distanace the gear which has already been fastened is spun continuously while the gear which need installation is moved closer or further until a distance was found where the gears meshed neatly. Gears were spun both directions to be certain that the gears could turn equally well in both directions.

Placing the third gear

All the gear locations were for the first board were decided, drilled and sanded to install the bearing holders. These bearing holders were fast to print and could be installed nearly as fast as they were printed. Installation was surprisingly the slow part of the process. Due to some, hopefully temporary, problems with the printer, the bearing holders need to be sanded in order to fit the bearings and the hardboard needed sanding before it would accept the bearing holders.

All the bearing holders installed in the first board

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