2016-11-03 (Th) Clockwork Theremin

Gears in the project have been thin compared to their diameter. In addition to being thin, they have a small axle. In addition to that, they are made from a flexible material and mounted in another flexible material. All these factors make it difficult to ensure that the gear teeth will align. Previously, a bolt was installed under the lopsided 600mm diameter gear. This seemed to work well but the bolt was replaced by a shorter one for convenience and lengthened since it was too short at the first installation.

 Stabilizing bolt

A small 100m diameter gear and the large 500mm diameter gear didn’t mesh well. These gears were both mounted above other gears and being farther from the mounting point didn’t help to mesh well. While installing the gears, it also became apparent that a lock-nut below the board held things in place much better than a standard nut which had only been finger-tightened.

Gears not meshing well

A spare 200mm diameter gear was placed between the top 100mm diameter gear and the gear below it so the 500mm diameter gear would have something to slide over when it met the 100mm diameter gear. This seemed to help. It may be worth the trouble of removing the nuts and washers between the gears entirely. This would cause constant friction on the top face of one gear but that should only be harmful to paint, not operation.

Middle gear for spacing only

A video was taken once all the gears were tuned. It was possible to move the gears both directions. It was possible to move the gears by pushing different gears so it should be possible to power a gear in the middle of the array instead of relying on turning the smallest gear. It should also be possible to mount the internal ring gear to the shaft below the bearing spacer rather than cutting a large hole in the board in order to mount the internal ring gear directly to the visible plastic gear.

Video demonstrating gear board movement

Parts list:

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