2016-11-24 (Th) Clockwork Theremin

A single-gang metal electrical box, handy box, was purchased to house the motor controls. These electrical enclosures were inexpensive and great for surface mounted applications where they aren’t seen. Motor leads will come through the bottom and held with a cable clamp. One side will have an On-Off toggle switch. The top will have the two-pole motor connector for power from the control console. Pilot holes and then 1/4” holes were drilled into the top and side.

Handy box with starter holes

A step drill bit was used to drill holes large enough for the connector and switch. Step drill bits were perfect for this kind of work when drilling is going through thin metal or plastic. Unfortunately, the force used to drill the holes put unwanted bends in the metal. Handy box sides were not meant for drilling.

Handy box with components installed

The connector and switch were loosely mounted on the handy box. The switch was only rated for AC so switching during a high DC current load would damage the switch quickly. A label was printed to warn about switching while under load. This switch was mostly placed for convenience and safety while testing. The second gear board may not have it.

Enclosure labeled and held near motor for mounting

Parts list:

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