2016-11-25 (F) Weekly Summary

Episode thirteen of our podcast may be the most important so far. It was one of the most fun to record and Tim and I are extremely proud of this episode. If you have wanted a good jumping-on episode for the podcast, this is it. Check out Episode Thirteen as we talk about WHY we biohack.

Tim has the robo-clamper hand

A high-power motor was selected but it didn't have a convenient mounting system. Last week, some adapters were made to mount the motor face flush with the gear board but the height was wrong. Fortunately, a simple raised platform was all that was necessary to bring the motor and gear to the correct height. A adapter was made from hardboard, the same material as the gear board.

Adapter ring for the motor mount

Four videos were taken which showed the results of different power supplies as they drove the motor. Two out of the four moved the motor but only a batter, with virtually unlimited available current, was able to move the motor well. The initial amp draw of the motor was difficult to measure and motors have a high inrush current.

Video of the battery driving the motor

A convenient mounting box for the motor was made from an electrical handy box by drilling holes in the top and side for a switch and two-position connector. The holes were drilled with a step bit but it caused the sides of the box to buckle a bit.

Handy box for the motor

Wires for the low-voltage half of the project were run to an RJ45 surface-mount box. RJ45 has eight connections and only seven were needed for the project. Shielded wires can also be purchased easily but the box was and loose wires were not shielded so it was not a perfect design.

Surface-mount RJ45 box with loose wires


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