2016-11-26 (Sa) Clockwork Theremin

Multi-conductor cable was salvaged for the project. This cable was purchased with the intention of repurposing the strands for projects since each wire was uniquely color-coded and easily tinned. A 20" (50cm) section was cut away and the sheathing was stripped. Seven wires were selected, five were randomly selected and the black and white wires were specifically chosen. These seven wires will be the low-voltage and signal wires.

 Salvaged cable

An RJ45 surface-mount box was purchased since it provided enough terminals and RJ45 wires could be ordered with shielding. The shielding shouldn't be important since it will be far from the motor. The box wasn't shielded anyway. All seven wires were stripped at one end and put under a screw terminal.

 RJ45 box with wires

 The box was mounted to the back of the gear board with the included mounting adhesive. No significant strain should be put on the box so the adhesive was considered sufficient. If it becomes a problem the box can be remounted with mechanical means such as bolts.

Mounted RJ45 box

A list was made to document where each wire was landed in the RJ45 box. A corresponding list was made to document which wire served which purpose. It will not be necessary to use the same color-coding on the wires in the control console but the wires preinstalled in the RJ45 box must align.

Wiring list for low-voltage

Parts list:

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