2016-11-29 (Tu) Clockwork Theremin

The first attempt at drilling a metal handy box was disastrous. In the end, the box was usable and accessible but it didn’t meet quality standards. A second box was purchased. This time the metal slugs were properly supported while drilling. Scrap wood was fastened into a vise and used to prop up the inside of the box. This put wood right under the slug to be drilled so no pressure was put on the box, only the slug.

Drilling handy box with wood support

Once starter holes were drilled, the step bit was used to cut through the slugs and the wood underneath. Holes were drilled to the appropriate size in the top, for the electrical connections and the side, for the switch.

Top drilled for connector

Side drilled for switch

The 14AWG motor leads had the molded end clipped off and the wires were soldered to the power connector. During the procedure, it escaped my mind to wire to the switch. Wire will have to be purchased in order to connect the switch so it will be ineffective until then. The handy box was mounted near the motor on the gear board.

Handy box mounted

Parts list:

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