2016-11-30 (W) Clockwork Theremin

And ordinary extension cord was purchased and cut apart for the two-conductor molded cord which gives them their namesake. Both ends were removed and a small section of a single wire was also cut away for use inside the handy box. The short length was stripped and a small ring terminal was put on one side while the other was soldered to one side of the connector. This wire was installed between the connector and switch. The ring terminals made it easy to connect to the switch which happened to have short bolts. The motor lead which used to run to the connector was placed on the switch so the switch could effectively interrupt current.

 Handy box with wired switch

The majority of the extension cord wire was left intact. For testing, one end will be left as bare leads but the connector for the motor side was installed. A wire was soldered to each terminal in the connector. Some connectors, more expensive than the ones I ordered, come with an insulator inside the connector so leads cannot contact the shell, which was made of metal. A bit of heat-shrink tubing was cut and put over the wires to do the same thing.

 Soldered connector with insulating tubing

All the wires in the handy box were neatly placed and it was sealed back up. Now, it should be much simpler to drive the motor with longer leads and a technique for soldering wires to the connectors and switches.

Constructed motor junction box

Parts list:

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2016-11-30 (W)