2016-12-03 (Sa) Clockwork Theremin

High power through the jump starting battery was nice but the connection was troublesome and unfused. An inexpensive power cord for a car's cigarette lighter was purchased at a surplus store. This had a 15 amp fuse installed which was quickly tripped when I hooked up the wires incorrectly to an H-bridge. Some smoke came off one of the components and the fuse was replaced.

 Cigarette lighter plug and a blown fuse

 When the H-bridge and power cord were connected properly, a meter was connected to show that voltage was indeed going to the correct pins. The functionality of the H-bridge was not tested since it could lead to run-away speed on the motor.

Ensuring the H-bridge and battery were connected properly

A simple sketch was written for Arduino. This would rely on two buttons to slowly ramp up the speed on the motor in forward or reverse. All power would be cut when the button was released. There was no need to debounce the buttons.

Screenshot of Arduino sketch

Parts list:

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