2016-12-07 (W) Clockwork Theremin

In order to mount the potentiometer, an adapter was printed over a month ago. This was meant to clamp around the bearing holder to hold the shaft of a potentiometer concentrically with the bolt on the final gear. By coincidence or design, the bolt pattern from the bearing holder was the same as the potentiometer adapter plate. This meant there was no reason to clamp around the bearing holder. All that was needed was to extend the bolts currently holding the final gear. The gear was removed and the short bolts were removed.

Removing bolts from final bearing holder

Long bolts, 2” #10 (M4.5 x 50) were put in place and fastened to the gear board. The potentiometer and its plate were added to the bolts to check alignment. Without any adjustments, it seemed to fit perfectly. Shortening the potentiometer shaft will lower the clearance and reduce leverage on the gear board if it is bumped.

Potentiometer on bearing holder bolts

Originally, the plan was to use a short piece of vinyl tubing available at many hardware stores. It would have to have an inside diameter slightly smaller than the potentiometer shaft and the bolt holding the final gear. When it was time to attach them all the local hardware stores were closed so a model was created in OpenSCAD which would couple the two shafts. It was printed with a wide slot so the device could be clamped around the shafts for friction. The bolt and potentiometer were measured and each half was given a custom diameter for the best fit. Vinyl tubing had the advantage of flexibility but the printed coupler has the advantage of exact measurements.

Rotating view of bolt to potentiometer adapter

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2016-12-07 (W)