2016-12-13 (Tu) Clockwork Theremin

Sad news, hackers. Codebender is going away. I had been keeping my Arduino sketches there because they could be easily embedded in blog posts and they were just a great organization with an open-source heart and solid sense of community.

Code posted on this site will now use Arduino’s online editor, Create.Arduino. It seems to have taken a few hints from Codebender. That’s a good thing, it seems like a good platform so far.

All the code for the Clockwork Theremin was typed a few months ago from simple pseudo-code. This was long before any usable hardware was available for testing. Some testing was attempted with small printed gears but it was not useful. When the code was written the premise was to use an Arduino Micro but recently the hardware was switched to an Arduino UNO so it would be recognizable to people learning to code. While changing the code to match the pins of an Arduino UNO the code was also migrated to Create.Arduino. Fortunately, Create.Arduino allows code to be embedded into blog posts, or it wouldn’t be here so the revised code, for an UNO has been posted below.

Parts list:

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