2016-12-14 (W) Clockwork Theremin

Mounting components on the surfaces of the control enclosure should have been a simple process but a couple components weren’t simple. In this case, the surface-mount headphone socket being installed wouldn’t go all the way through the plastic. On a sheet metal surface, it would be a simple matter of drilling a hole and installing it. The power switch controlling everything was square. Rectangular holes have been notoriously difficult to cut. Even a nibbling tool can only go through plastic of a certain thickness.

Simple models were made to print adapter plates at will. The plates were both circular so an ordinary hole could be drilled into any thickness material and bolted or screwed into place. Drilled holes would have to be large enough to fit the component and small enough to not interfere with the mounting holes. A plate could also be printed with a larger diameter if necessary.

Circular socket surface mount

Square socket surface mount

When switches were selected the first time, months ago, a 120VAC lighted switch was selected because the plan at that time was to use a 12V power source inside the control. Since then, plans changed to using a 12V battery so the lighted switch became undesirable. A replacement switch was purchased and it was one with a square base for the purpose of demonstrating the square base. Fortunately, it is a good looking switch.

One aspect of mounting components to these plates is that the components need to be wired after installation. In the case of the switch there are slide-on terminals so it is simple to disconnect the wires but in the case of the headphone jack, it was meant to install from inside the enclosure so it could be wired in open air before installation. If it is mounted to the plate beforehand, this wouldn't be possible. The plate can be installed without the headphone jack but it could be a design consideration in the future.

Mounted square switch

Parts list:

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