2016-12-16 (F) 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone EPISODE 015

Episode fifteen was published. Yesterday I was worried that there wouldn't be anything to talk about and it would be a short episode. Instead, there was enough to fill a full episode. There was a recording problem and you may enjoy the episode more if you listen first then read the problem I had editing.


For some reason, my audio came through on Tim's stream. Even worse, it wasn't the nice clean audio from my microphone, it was the low-quality audio from a phone headset. Tim and I usually connect with a phone call or Google Hangouts voice call and record our audio separately. Then, in editing, I splice the two together and get rid of any noise. In a couple instances, it's possible to hear my tinny, second-hand audio from Tim's feed but 98% of that was cut out.

This was our last episode of the calendar year! If you're celebrating a holiday, we at 2xCb+Mic wish you the best. If you're not celebrating, we hope you had a great year and 2017 is also great. If you don't recognize this as the last month of the year AND you don't celebrate any holidays I hope you enjoyed the episode.

I have an ear with the mechanical covering

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