2016-12-19 (M) Color/Touch

1/4" (6.3mm) quick-disconnect ends were crimped onto wires and installed on the switches. Wires were left long so they could be trimmed when the exact distance was known.

Wired switches

A reed switch had a couple wires soldered to the ends and heat-shrink tubing held everything together. No good method, aside from glue, was decided for adhering the switch in the middle of the device.

 Reed switch with wires

All switch wires were run to a circuit board which was arranged next to where the controller will be mounted. The circuit board held a 2x3 header socket identical to the one used for the controller circuit board. A jumper cable will go between the two when the device is closed up. The six connections were perfect for the cable, GND, reed, switch1, switch2, switch3, and switch4.

Switches wired to circuit board

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