2016-12-22 (Th) Color/Touch

Everything was finally connected. The code was uploaded to the controller but it took extra time because libraries had to be installed. They had been lost since the last upload due to a different computer. Installing libraries has gotten easier since then. Specifically the bounce2 library and Adafruit’s NeoPixel library. At first, the LED strip turned red to a point. It seemed like a good start.

Partially lit light strips

Investigating the light strip revealed that it was not fully lighting due to a piece of solder slag stuck between a data pin and Vcc. Once this was removed the light strip fully lit. Some button pressing even managed to elicit some color changing function, not sure which one.

 Fully lit and changing colors

Previously, animation was limited to sixteen lights but now it is seventy-six lights. It wasn’t obvious with a few lights but there is a definite delay between color changes. This value was programmed to 150ms in the code so it may have to be cut by 80% since there are nearly five times as many lights.

Light changes

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