2017-01-09 (M) Tough Pi-ano

When a musical electronic keyboard is plugged in it powers up and the user can play notes. The unfortunate thing about using a Raspberry Pi is the overhead of running a full-fledged computer operating system just to play piano sounds. This could possibly be optimized with some advanced Linux stuff but I don’t have that experience and as a proof-of-concept prototype it will work just fine.

A couple methods were tested until a friend of mine who was familiar with Linux was able to concisely explain how to modify the .bashrc file. After a couple false starts where nothing happened it finally worked. The Pi-ano code had to be changed to include the full path of the music files. Before, their path assumed the starting point was the folder where the code sat.

Video was taken of the Pi booting, a verbal explanation, and a demonstration of the Pi-ano notes. This can now be run without a screen. The next step will be copying a card so it works without extensive work on each Pi.

Automatic launch and narration

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