2017-01-19 (Th) Tough Pi-ano

1x2 (19mm x 38mm) lumber was purchased to raise the button board and provide room underneath for mounting the electrical hardware. The plan was to raise the keyboard 1 ½” (38mm) then mount it to a sturdy shelf. The shelf will probably be build from ordinary lumber but it could be purchased as a ready-made structure. Durability is key to the shelf. Lumber was cut to the dimensions of the button board since it been shortened to remove the rough ends and accommodate the space for the buttons.

Wood cut for front rail

Side pieces were cut from a second piece of 1x2. These were also for raising button board and protecting the elecronics inside. There was no piece cut for the back. Behind the button board another raise portion will be built. This will house the electronics not specific to a single octave such as the USB hub, amplifier and possibly speakers. Likely, external speakers will be used.

Side pieces cut to length

All the pieces were installed on the button board. 2” (50mm) screws were used to hold the pieces together. The side pieces were all drilled with holes large enough to fit some wood insert nuts. These weren’t stocked so they couldn’t be installed right away.

Side board installed
Base fully installed


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