2017-01-21 (Sa) Tough Pi-ano

An entire night of projecting was dedicated to debugging hardware problems with the PiAno. The first issue was that a note was played upon the release of a button. I had assumed this was a problem with the program, it was written awhile ago, and it was recognizing any change of state as a signal to play a note. If that were the case it would have been a relatively simple fix. In truth, it was even simpler than that but it's not really good news. The problem was the switches being used. Despite being high-quality switches, Cherry actually, there was a moment of chatter when they were released. All the switches currently installed came from on-hand stock and some of them were a different model which did not have the problem. Different switches were used and the problem disappeared so the issue was the switches.

The second problem was that two buttons were triggering a pair of notes to be played. My first assumption was that there was a short between two of the terminals on the circuit board and this was a close guess. The problem was that two of the pull-down resistors were soldered together at a single ground terminal but they were not connected to ground. Once the paired terminals were grounded the problem was fixed.

Ungrounded resistor leads


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