2017-01-24 (Tu) Tough Pi-ano

The board with the neat resistors was copied twice. Since two usable boards had already been produced only two more were needed for a four-octave piano. Resistors were attached in the same pattern as the master board by simply making a note of which column needed a resistor and placing one. Each board was populated this way in a short period.

Top and bottom of boards 3 and 4

Once the resistors were in place, two sets of wire were cut and soldered in place. When the wires were in place a short piece of wire linked the solder pad with the wire to the solder pads with the header plug and the resistor. Creating the boards was actually a time-consuming process and rather tedious. Each board represented nearly an hour of work, none of which was very exciting. It actually took two days to get through everything.

Final boards with long wires


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