2017-01-30 (M) Tough Pi-ano

All the necessary components were assembled and the reprogrammed cards were installed so it was finally time to test the function of the whole keyboard. All the Pi Zeros powered up properly. There was still static on the audio line so a ferrite filter was used on the final audio output line. There were problems with two of the octaves, one had a non-working button and another had two buttons which played together.

The non-working button was caused by a soldered wire that had come loose. The buttons which played together was caused by a pair of resistors which had come off their grounded terminal. Each problem was promptly fixed with a soldering iron then tested well.

 First note on problematic keys

Second note on problematic keys

Wires on the underside of the Pi-ano were unruly. Many tie blocks and zip ties were used to get the wires into a reasonable configuration. Keeping them tidy, or at least stationary, was important to getting the Pi-ano ready for transport. The USB hub was arranged so the power cable could come into the side without binding. The sound cables were longer and needed to be reeled up. The audio hub was placed near the edge and an audio extension cable with a filter was attached so external speakers could be connected. External speakers have the advantage of being replaced by the user and the volume can be controlled easily. This also takes away the burden of adding speakers and an amplifier.

Wire harnessing for power cables

Wire harnessing for audio cables


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