2017-02-08 (W) Head-Mounted Display

Yesterday's sketch was modeled in OpenSCAD. The key feature was the ability of the screen mount to be easily adjustable. In fact, the X and Y coordinates can be changed with one number each so changes to the design can happen much faster than even the printing. To demonstrate, pseudo-random numbers were assigned to the X and Y coordinates in order to make the screen holder jump around.

A frenetic look at the adjustable coordinates

A rotating view of the pieces was also done. The goal as to create a structure similar to on half of a pair of glasses but instead of lenses, there would be a location to insert the screen. Before any prints are made, it will be necessary to add another axis of control to the coordinates which adjust the screen location. If the tilt of the screen cannot be adjusted this will offer no better results than gluing flat plastic to sunglasses frames.

Rotating view of the model

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