2017-02-11 (Sa) Head-Mounted Display

Two changes were made to the model. First, a second temple piece was modeled. This was a cone with a flat section. It only has a single bolt hole which is concentric to the cone. This cone shape should be easier to mount and it can be moved from one bolt hole to another to change the fit of the frames. Temples should only have to be printed once assuming the

The second change was adding another adjustment to the screen holder so it can be angled out from the face. This was the most important feature absent from all the other attempts.

Model changing the angle between the eye and viewer holder

A print was made of the model. This was the first time using new firmware on the printer. The new firmware used a different method of generating support material than the stock firmware. It produced a cleaner print but it was significantly more difficult to remove. It was so difficult that a second print was made before a clipping tool was able to remove the support material.

Completed print waiting on the print bed

Temples for the glasses were also printed but not visible. Everything was assembled and worn but nothing stayed in place. I don't wear glasses so I didn't realize the importance of having both halves of the glasses. This still allowed me to test the position of the model parts and to model the parts.

Eye modeling

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