2017-02-15 (W) Head-Mounted Display

The goal of this project was to learn about Linux by forcing myself to use a Raspberry Pi daily. The secondary goal was to be able to walk and use a computer simultaneously. The unexpected, and so far sole accomplishment, has been teaching myself about the construction of eyeglasses.

All the adjustments were made in order to, hopefully, create a usable print of the glasses. The painstaking measurements and wild guesses have led to a frame with all the correct numbers in all the correct places.

Spinning model of glasses

Once printed, it was immediately apparent that the temples were the wrong length. They were so short that the ear hooks rode up and caused the viewer to lose alignment with the eyes. Instead of making attempt after attempt, which is time-consuming and expensive, ear hooks were printed extremely short so they could be attached with bolts.

 Bolt temples

 #6 bolts were used but 3mm bolts would work equally well. The holes in the temples were tapped to give the plastic threads. Only one of the bolts needed nuts in order to fasten securely while the second bolt provided tension without over straining the plastic. Available bolts were too long. They could have been trimmed but it was late so shorter bolts will replace them soon.

Side view of bolt temples

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