2017-02-16 (Th) Head-Mounted Display COMPLETED

When the bolts were picked to become the temple rods it seemed like a temporary choice of convenience but they have an interesting aesthetic so they may become permanent. Short bolts replaced the long temple bolts in order to achieve a better fit. It would have been possible to extend the long bolts out the front of the frames but since the bolts may become a permanent part of the spectacles it seemed more logical to replace them.

Side view of a single bolt holding each temple

A good fit seemed to be found with the short bolts and it was important that the glasses be easy to place and remove, which they were. Screen alignment was a problem but the point of making a parametric model was to make changes to the screen position through iterations.

Flyby of my face with the spectacles

Finally, all the parts were in place and a set of wearable frames had been printed. A poorly lit picture was taken while wearing the frames and staring at a bright light. During the picture, I was also wearing my 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone sweater.

I blame the lighting

The models were uploaded and can be found at the bottom of the page. My particular measurements were used for the STL model so if people want to adjust those settings they will need OpenSCAD and the parametric model.


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