2017-02-18 (Sa) Dangerous Minds Podcast Interview COMPLETED

Dangerous Minds Podcast invited Tim and me to do a joint interview but Tim was overloaded at work so I accepted the invitation by myself. This was not my first interview or even my first interview with a podcast.

Dangerous Minds Podcasts is like 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone because they focus on the biohacker community but their format focuses on interviews rather than discussions. We had a lot to discuss before and after the interview. They appreciated my recording space where I modeled the head-mounted display for them. I appreciated their fluidity while recording. They had a wonderful method of making sure they didn’t speak over one another.

 Impromtu modeling

I started the interview a little wooden sounding but once we got a flow established it picked up. My interview was episode 27 and my definition of biohacking was used as the last interviewee clip in episode 29.

They used the off-air time to tell me about their new venture, Dangerous Minds University, where I now have a couple projects listed. Thank you DMP!

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