2017-11-20 (M) Touch Screen Pocket Watch

After printing a single copy of the model the unnecessary plastic used to fill the center of the watch halves was modeled out. The majority of the model, anything not touching the hinges, could have been eliminated too but the prototype halves may become useful for other projects or just fun to give away.

Rotating model

Printing at full resolution revealed a problem. The slightly discrepancy of the printer made the hinges marginally wider than the model but since they were printed to mate exactly the discrepancy made it too difficult to put the hinges together. These tolerances will have to be corrected in the next version. Two options exist, one is to move the hinges further apart than they are now and the second option is to shrink the hinges in place so they conform the desired width after printing.

Printing tolerances won't allow hinges to mate

Force was used to put the hinges together. They locked together. Another unforeseen problem was the hinges which had a square corner on the part which extended above the face. Corners such as these would never allow the hinge to function properly since the caps would hit instead of hinging. Hinges should be nothing more than the circles on the plane above the hinges centerline.

Hinges forced together

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