2017-03-03 (F) Weekly Summary

This week was all about reviving old projects.

First, the world's first pocket watch was completed! This was started years ago with a cheap Sony watch, one of the first smart watches, and ended with an inexpensive, but more capable watch.

The world's first smart pocket watch

The second project to be revived was laser tag. Years ago some basic models were attempted but they were too bulky and unrefined to play properly. With more skills and a 3D printer it was finally time to tackle the task again. Sketches were made for the parts and construction began again.

Sketches for laser tag parts

The goal was to combine everything I had learned previously with everything I knew now in order to make a usable and expandable tagger. Using off-the-shelf parts would be vital in order to have tagger which could be quickly and cheaply repaired. A handle from a packing tape gun was one of the cornerstones for the project. Measurements were taken so a model could be based around.

Ill-fitting handle holes

A base-plate was modeled that could accept a switch to act as the trigger, an accessory rail and the handle. All the pieces fit but it needed refinement, including strength to keep it from bending when the trigger was pulled.

Handle installed with trigger and rail installed on the base

A cover was modeled to fit on top of the base. Printing something this size was risky without finding the ideal settings for the printer and the large parts wanted to warp during the printing. Another structural issue.

Base, rail, and cover with handle and switch installed

At first, all the pieces were modeled in different files which made it tricky to change a measurement in one file because it would have to be copied into the other files. Instead, all the models were combined into a single file so changes only had to be made in one place. A setting was added which made it possible to quickly decide which model to render.

Dizzying display of all the models


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