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A steel bar was purchased to act as the keel for these taggers. It was 7/8" (22.25mm) wide, which was the widest available bar that could fit between the handle tabs. Anything less than 24mm would work but it had to be wide enough to have a hole drilled for the switch and still retain some rigidity. It would have been possible to simply drill up a large plate with the correct hole pattern but then the drill gets complex when a simple bar should work. Hopefully.

Measuring the metal bar

Selecting single parts to print from the file was pretty simple after combining them. The Base was rendered with the measurements for the metal bar.

Rendering of the base with a slot for the metal bar

The piece was printed in a light color but unlike the first print, it was printed at full thickness in order to judge how well the bar would fit. The depth seemed correct because the bar sat nearly flush with the edge of the base.

Testing the depth of the slot

Testing the width of the slot

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