2017-03-18 (Sa) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Coding for the Raspberry Pi was beginning to feel like a dead end. There were all kinds of trouble with the infrared emitters, receivers, and serial transmissions from GPIO. Rather than remain frustrated the focus of this project will shift back to constructing the taggers. When usable models are built they will be given to others for their help with coding. Another viable option would be to connect all the hardware to an Arduino and write python code which would use the Arduino as a gateway to the physical devices. Once the Arduino was configured to talk to the hardware it shouldn’t need any more updates even if the python code was updated frequently. This would also open up the possibility of writing laser tag programs for Android or even Windows-based mobile hardware.

The part designed to hold the lens was too thick to allow nearby components to poke through the forward array. The lens holder was changed from a full circle to a minimal lens holder with tabs.

All of the models, as they are, were rendered and converted to STL so anyone can print them or even use a service to have them printed. The pieces are small enough to print, one at a time, on many of the smallest printers. The OpenSCAD code was also made public. If any of these models are changed, the links will reflect the highest revision.

Revised lens holder


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