2017-03-29 (W) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Getting a Raspberry Pi 0 to use two of its GPIO for serial communication was troublesome and a hurdle I couldn't get over. To test the feasibility of using ordinary serial pins with infrared LEDs a couple of USB→Serial adapters were gathered. These have been used in the past for programming Arduino Pro Minis, which, by coincidence, were used in the Arduino Laser Tag.

A standard wired connection was made first. This merely tested the connection between the computers.

Ordinary serial↔serial connection

Once a reliable connection was proven, by sending and receiving to and from each computer, the wires were replaced with infrared LEDs on the transmitter (Tx) pins of the adapters and infrared receivers were placed on the receiving (Rx) pins of the adapters.

Wires replaced with IR transmitters and receivers

Infrared is outside the normal visual spectrum for humans but some of it gets through the IR filters in digital cameras so it appears purple. While in operation, the transmitting LED glowed purple continuously as seen below.

IR showing on digital camera

It was possible to get information across the data link but it was not readable by either computer. All the data coming across was garbled, which was kind of expected.

Video demonstrating the nonsense coming over IR


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