2017-04-05 (W) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

It was another productive day. Something I’ve never needed to do was elicit an action on an Arduino with serial data. All of my projects have been autonomous from a computer or another controller so there was no need to wait for data. Of course, sensors use serial data to convey information but the Arduino always had a more powerful processor.

In automation technology and other computer structures, there is a relationship between components often called Master and Slave. Server and Client are used more often but the old convention still persists and exemplifies the order of processing power. In this case, the tagger will be subservient to the computer controlling it.

Code was written to receive packets of data over the USB connection and emit data with the infrared emitter. Packets which didn’t conform to the emerging protocol were ignored. The protocol for passing information back and forth on the USB connection is still being evaluated and developed.

By the end of the evening, it was possible to send a series of 7 hexadecimal from one computer to the next via infrared. It may have broken the infrared receiving code on the transmitter side. I can’t remember, it got pretty late.

Pin reassignments and protocol definitions

Receptions for the evening


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