2017-04-29 (Sa) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Yesterday's design changes were implemented. Originally, the plan was to create a three-tube spacer equal to the focal length of the lenses, 45mm.  This was revised to a printing three 15mm spacers with three tubes each. The ring around each segment should keep wires inside the tagger from getting in the way of the infrared beam. Small protuberances were placed around the lens holder to keep the lens in place better and ensure a tighter fit.

Rotating view of modeled parts

Parts were printed for two taggers. Only one of these parts, the lens holder, would be visible but red plastic filament was loaded into the printer so that's what was used.

 Part printed for two taggers

One factor which was ignored during the designing process was the low clearance at the top of the forward array. When the spacers were being designed they were originally given straight edges but this was abandoned in favor of a ring, seen in the pictures. This ring exceeded the space inside the forward array but it was a simple matter to remove the unnecessary plastic with a pair of cutters.

 Modified spacer

Except for the LED holder, all the holes were drilled to 5/32" (4mm) so a #6 (4mm) bolt could pass through. The plastic of the LED holder was tapped so the bolts could thread into it. Nuts could have also been used if those holes were simply drilled instead.

 Spacers and new LED holder installed

 Once the new LED holder and lens holder were installed, a couple pictures were taken to compare a bare LED to the focused LED. There may be room for improvement but the results are good for a first version and new spacers can be printed easily.

 Bare LED shining on wall
Focused LED shining on wall


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