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Some imperfections in the boards needed to be fixed before the board could be completed. Two boards were etched to ensure that at least one usable board could be made. Pads for the transistors were touching one another so a blade had to be used to carve out the copper between them. On the other board, this was not necessary since the error was caught in time and it was a simple matter of cutting the toner to create the gap.

Separated copper pads

There was one obvious break in a trace. It was repaired by soldering a short length of wire over both sides of the break. This was originally noticed as an imperfection in the toner print and Sharpie marker was applied on top of the toner but it may have spent too much time in the hydrochloric/hydrogen peroxide bath.

Repaired trace

A drill press was clamped to a table for a workstation. Small metric drill bits were selected. Water was used to keep dust minimized. Each pad on the circuit board had to be drilled according to the size of the hole in the copper.

Drill press and circuit boards

Drilling went well. Three differently sized bits were used to create all the necessary holes. The transistor pads, which is where most of the problems were, had the smallest and closest holes so they presented the most trouble. One transistor footprint had the misfortune of all the holes joining into one long hole. This will present difficulties when soldering components.

Drill circuit board


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