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Yesterday a recipe was found for making usable transfers with the highest chance of success. This was found after many errors. Fortunately, toner washes off easily with acetone.

Winning recipe
  • Set iron to high heat
  • Slide the iron across the paper
  • Do not use tape
  • Do not apply pressure while cooling

One usable board happened to be made using tape but this method isn't recommended. This involved taping the transfer paper to the back of the blank circuit board and ironing it with the paper taut.

Usable board

There was only one noticeable error on this board, which was a series of traces with a wobble. The problematic area of the lines was wiped off with a swap and acetone.

Swap +acetone = toner eraser

The lines were remade with an ulta-fine Sharpie marker. The new lines were not as neat.

Repaired traces

As an experiment, different colors of Sharpie markers were used on the blank part of the boards to see if the different colors would resist the etchant better than others.

Unetched board with color samples

The result of this single test showed that black was the only suitable color. Blue was completely eradicated, green was mostly eroded and red barely evaded erasure. This experiment was done with Sharpie brush tip markers which likely use the same ink but that has not been verified.

Results of etching different colors of Sharpie


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