2017-06-06 (Tu) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

A part was designed to do three things.
  • Hold the circuit board in place inside the pipe.
  • Cover a hole in the side of the pipe where the circuit board would enter.
  • Hole a Raspberry Pi0 on the outside.
The model from the Pi holder was modified to add the features. It had to have the mounting bolts moved. Previously, they were located in the center of the model but this would soon be a hole in the pipe. It was lengthened to accommodate the PCB which would go through large holes drilled with a drill. The Pi mounting hole pattern was offset to allow a USB cable to come out of the pipe and connect to the Pi.

Rotating model of circuit board holder

On the inside, fingers to hold the PCB were added. The fingers could be broken away if they interfered with how the PCB fit. Precise measurements could have made a highly customized PCB holder but would likely make it useless for someone making a board at home or anyone rearranging the board to their own purposes. The fingers are most obvious in the first picture.

Zooming to show part location on tagger

A print was made after some major printer maintenance. No support was needed due to the size and orientation of the print, which was intentional. Tolerances for the printer led to some of the fingers becoming fused. This can be remedied with a saw blade.

Print of circuit board holder


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