2017-06-14 (W) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Work still needs to be done on the infrared receivers but a day was taken to model a foregrip in OpenSCAD. While deciding where to put screws that would attach to the tagger, it seemed like a logical choice to use glue instead of mechanical fasteners. Bolts or screws would add a hole somewhere the user could feel or they would have to be installed along the weak top part where the handle would become fragile. More exotic methods, like mounting from the inside of the tagger could be used but that would complicate assembly more than necessary.

Rotating foregrip handle model

All the updated models were rendered on the tagger and it became obvious that the updated handle (orange) would be problematic. At first the internal bolt receiver, not rendered, was extending through the rear of the tagger which could easily be resolved by placing the handle farther forward but the most alarming issue was the interference between the handle and the trigger adapter (dark blue).

Rotating tagger model

The handle and trigger could be separated but that would make it difficult to reach the trigger. In this case, the handle was converted so it also required glue to hold it in place. This may also make printing simpler.


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