2017-06-18 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Soldering was done for one of the test boards. Five were produced in the event that something went wrong in the process. All the components were insertion mount but this was not ideal and the final design should implement as many surface-mount components as possible. This should also save space.

Assembled board

When the parts were all installed, a piece of coiled telephone cord was attached and a continuity meter was attached to figure out which color wire corresponded to which signal. None of them worked. There was a mismatch between the plug and the socket which allowed twisting.

Ill-fitting connector
Some background

*Sigh* This will require reworking the circuit board. My first inclination was to use a different connector, maybe a 4 pin aviator connector. Unforunately, these are even more bulky than the telephone connector shown in the first picture and are most commonly chassis mount. The most logical solution seems to be simply soldering wires right to the board and calling it a day. This will also keep players from unplugging the sensors to cheat.

This circuit still needs testing just to see if it actually works or that will have to go to the drawing board too.

Enough background


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