2017-07-01 (Sa) Weekly Summary

We recorded another show about brain/computer interfaces except this time it wasn't based in science-fiction. Elon Musk is putting his money where his mouth is and he has a lot of money. Not only is he funding serious research into brain interfaces but he'll be putting some of his time into the company which is enormously valuable.

Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

Assembly on the second tagger's parts started with the front and worked to the back. This time, mistakes from the first assembly were corrected and the process went smoother. Some changes were still necessary. The forward array was assembled and this time an infrared sensor was glued to the front. In the picture it was under the yellow rubber band while the glue dried.

Assembled forward array

The back end of the tagger had its own issues. The PCB holder and butt plate both needed revisions. When a hole was made for the PCB holder it had to be a very specific width that was just wide enough for the control board and narrow enough to be covered. Careful planning would make this possible.

PCB holder and butt plate with LED ring

Naturally I abandoned the idea of careful hole planning for the PCB holder and opted to make the print wider so sloppy holes could be covered. Since numerous taggers will eventually need assembly, it was more important to drill holes quickly and spend extra printer filament than use time to make the holes carefully.

Rotating model of newest PCB holder

Modifications to the butt plate were minor but helpful. The shallow raised portion of the center was replaced with a hemisphere for aesthetics and alignment and the fastening holes for the LED ring were widened. Most importantly, the piece was printed at a different orientation so it would not have so many troubles fitting into the pipe and it looked better after printing.

Updated PCB holder and butt plate

Wiring on the tagger was done with the help of the list made before. Screw terminals were a good choice since they allowed more than one wire at each location and they could be swapped easily. This control board will probably not be used in this PVC so it will be an easy task to move it later.

Wired control board


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