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I have done chemical welding with PVC before and this seemed similar. There were two options, a yellow all-in-one glue and a black two-step procedure. In order to match the color of the pipe Medium Black ABS Cement was selected as well as some Clear Cleaner. The cleaner seemed to be diluted acetone. Since I didn't know how long it would take to set up the adhesive, rubber bands were brought with with the assumption that the parts would need to be held in place for more than a couple minutes.

ABS cement and cleaner

Materials were gathered for adhering the foregrip and handle to the ABS pipe. At first, the intention was to use high quality glue to attach the parts but some research was done and ABS cement was selected as the preferred method.
Gathered supplies for ABS cementing

Clear Cleaner was applied to the pipe and foregrip. This cleaner with a built-in brush could probably have been used to remove scratches from the pipe like after it had been sanded to remove the lettering.

Foregrip cemented in place

ABS cement set up so quickly that there was no need to clamp or band the parts in place. The black color of the cement, it was like tar, matched the pipe so at a distance there is no transition between the two pieces of plastic. For appearances sake, this seems like a very solution for the taggers when it comes to attaching plastic pieces together.

Handle cemented to pipe

Within a couple minutes, both of the grips were steady enough that they could be held by the pipe without support. The tar-thick cement did a good job of getting into the strands of the printed parts and should provide a solid bond.

Pipe and handles cemented together


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