2017-07-08 (Sa) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

A few changes to the models were made. Some of them were overdue while some were a matter of preference that were in the back of my mind and were finally modified today.

The handle felt bulky rather than sleek. The first handle to be attached was 36mm wide so that will be shrunk to 30mm. Keeping the wider handle will provide a unique tagger comfortable for someone with long fingers or large hands.

Changing the model for a narrower handle

The triple spacer used to hold the infrared LED away from the lens had an issue fitting into the forward array because of one side of the circle surrounding the whole thing. Both of the other sides were necessary to keep wires from blocking the infrared emitter so only one was removed.

Removing a side-guard of the triple spacer

The forward array, easily the most complex part, was modified to simply have a larger hole where the laser emitter was supposed to be mounted. This was designed before a laser was measured so a small hole was used with the intention of drilling it out to fit the laser. This worked but now the holes should be modeled correctly.

Forward array with laser module hole expanded


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