2017-07-29 (Sa) Magnet Implant, Right Ear COMPLETED

Biohackers, grinders, have been implanting magnets to expand their senses to the magnetic field for years. I have had a finger magnet for three years and it has been a valuable tool and a plaything. Magnets implanted into the ear, specifically the tragus, can be heard if the field is strong enough. Amplifiers can boost an audio signal to levels where a coil around the neck can be heard and this can be done with no visible wires and nothing needs to be on the ears.

My whole life I have had poor hearing so this is going to be an experiment into making a bone-conduction hearing aid. Bone-conduction hearing aids are already a medical device which require surgery where a plate is installed into the skull so an external unit can vibrate it.

This project hopes to merge the two ideas, invisible headphones and bone-conduction hearing aids, into a single concept which can be used by anyone for music or hearing assistance.

Enough background.

A local piercing artist was contacted about the advisability of a magnet implant right behind an ear where the skin is tense over the bone. There were concerns about the ability to cleanly make a tunnel and pocket since the skin there doesn't lay flat and it was thin. Ultimately, it seemed like an acceptable risk so an appointment was made.

Minutes after implant

The procedure went smoothly with pain level significantly (a couple orders of magnitude) lower than a finger implant. This was more experimental than finger magnets which have been documented thoroughly but it went quickly and smoothly. A professional piercing artist was important for this. After the implantation, two sutures were used to close the entry point.

External magnet sticking to implanted magnet

The magnet was installed close to the ear while the entry point was roughly 10mm away so there would be sufficient distance and the magnet could not reject out the same hole. This type of advice was another reason that a professional was so valuable to the procedure.

Magnet bulge casting a shadow

This was one instance where an implant did not cause me to pass out. Eating full meals beforehand and distracting myself during the procedure helped immensely. Less than a minute after the final suture was placed I was able to sit myself up and talk to everyone. There was no queasiness either this time.

In the evening there was still no pain but a light throbbing which was to be expected. The temptation to touch it was kept to a minimum and there was no experimentation with magnetic fields.

Evening picture

On the second day, there was some swelling but no pain or irritation. During the day, tugging sensations could be felt while turning my head so this should be minimized ruing the healing time.

Day two swelling

First time here?

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