2017-08-17 (Th) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Wires attached to the light rings were too short in most of the cases. This was an error in judgment on my part from moving through the project too fast. The previous wires also had no consideration for color coding, another lapse in judgment.

New wires were cut, this time they were measured against the tagger pipe to ensure they would be long enough. Enough wire was cut so that each tagger could have the same color coding.

Wire and color code

Old wires from the light rings were removed with a hot soldering iron. The new wires were attached according to the color code. Light rings only have one terminal for 5V and GND so two wires were attached at each of those terminals. To do this, wires were held next to one another with the copper ends exposed, and they were tinned together so copper bridged between them. Then, the paired wires were soldered to the light ring terminal and there was enough solder present to make a good joint.

Soldering light rings


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2017-08-17 (Th)