2017-08-19 (Sa) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Power was run to the first LED of the string but only the digital signal was transferred around the middle of the barrel. 5V and GND wires were soldered to the other end of the LED strip. This was done as a way to keep the voltage drop to a minimum by feeding power from the back end as well.

 Far end of the LED strip with power cables

The far end power wires were removed since running more wires through the butt stock seemed illogical. Power wires were added around the barrel after all. A wire color code sheet was made for one tagger which contained many of the parts which were not assembled in the standard fashion and "NOT STANDARD" was written across the top as a reminder. The poor arrangement of the color code card and some other shortcomings were also obvious when dealing with such a mismatched tagger.

Color code card

The most haphazard forward array was placed in this tagger. Many of the wires were run together and all the ground wires were tied together to minimize the number of wires running from one end of the tagger to the control board. Unfortunately, this cannot work since the transistor controlled devices, like the IR emitter, flashlight LEDs, laser and red LED all rely on switching the ground side.

Control board and ill-wired forward array


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